Accounting – Least difficult skill to recruit!


The Financial Times did a survey regarding MBA programs to determine what skills are difficult to recruit and what are not.

Accounting was labelled as one of the least difficult to recruit.  Do you know why?  The actual skill of accounting, booking entries, creating reports, and tracking KPI’s can be done by any CPA or even none CPA.

Does this mean people shouldn’t investigate accounting as a profession?  OF COURSE NOT!

Do you know what the most difficult skills are?

·         Ability to influence

·         Strategic Thinking

·         Big Data Analysis (Insight)

This is where accountants and finance people can really shine if they build on those skills.  All the big data analysis in the world will not help a company if the Finance team cannot provide insight into what the data is saying. 

These insights are not just in hindsight but can help direct and influence where the company goes forward.  This is what will separate you from the masses and get you a seat at the table either in your company or in your division.

If you would like to see the Financial times article, follow the link below.