Using Recruiters for Promotion


I will start by saying I have worked with a variety of recruiters over the years with varying degree of success.  The last recruiter did help me land my next promotion and this is how I would recommend you work with a recruiter to try and land your own promotion.

Resumes are Subjective

The truth is that I have had my resume re-done twice by two different recruiters in the same office for the same job and neither one worked.  On another occasion I put in my resume without any changes recommended by the recruiter and was selected for an interview.  I have also identified that the recruiter wants to put you into a role that is like what you are already doing.  This is fine if you love that role and are changing positions because you want to leave one company for another.  What if, you want to take your role to the next level?  Then you need to tailor your resume to the job you want vs the job you had.

Recruiter’s are Paid by Companies

Recruiters will only be paid when they place someone with a company.  Trying to sell a company on putting a person in a role that they have never done before is very difficult.  For this to happen you need a company to be looking for your specific skills and your skills to be highlighted in a way that makes them want to meet with you.  If your resume looks like every other financial analyst on the market how do you expect a recruiter to sell you at a higher level? 

Give the Recruiter a Chance

When you are looking to take on a higher-level position you need to think like a business and determine your niche.  What can you do that will provide better value than the average finance person? Whether you are a specialist in costing, financial controls, internal audit, process improvement, etc.  This is what must be highlighted on your resume and similar profiles like LinkedIn.  This may significantly slim the number of companies that will look at you, but you should be getting in front of the right companies now.  If you Niche yourself, you are providing the recruiter the right information for them to feel comfortable putting you in front of prospective companies. 


Doing all the steps above will not guarantee you a promotion just because you would like one.  However, it will begin to separate you from the large pack of analysts and accountants in business who don’t know how to differentiate themselves.  Why not stand out, create your niche and be the best at it!