Don't Surprise your Business Partner


Don’t Surprise your Business Partner

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned.  A hiccup occurs in the business, an unexpected downturn, or the ROI on a project isn’t going to be achieved.  In any of these cases you don’t want to communicate surprising insights out to the business without your business partner having prior knowledge.

Communicating out surprising or unexpected news can cause damage to the reputation of your business partner and the business.  The negativity of this outcome can be multiplied if your business partner is caught off guard about the communication.

When you have information outside of the norm for your business you will want to discuss it with your business partner right away.  Together you will work towards a common message that will be communicated out and the timing of that message.  Being on the same page as your business partner increases the trust factor and improves your relationship.

Great business partners understand the need for business information both good and bad to be received by the rest of the business.  Ensuring that Finance and your business partner are communicating the same accurate message is key.